Anthony Abrahams

Anthony Abrahams was born in London in 1926. He read English Literature at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, graduating in 1947, and painting at the Anglo-French Art Centre in London (1947-48). He followed a career in advertising, turning to sculpture in 1991. Anthony Abrahams has exhibited widely, and his sculptures have been acquired by public and private collections in America, Britain and Europe.

Abrahams was a figurative sculptor working in the tradition of modern masters such as Kenneth Armitage, Reg Butler, Lynn Chadwick, Elisabeth Frink and Bernard Meadows, Abrahams's expressive female figures have many qualities linking them back to early cultures. The Stone Age Venus of Willendorf c.1600 BC, carved from limestone, is endowed with a large, pregnant belly and generous breast. She is a totem and symbol of fertility. So it is with the female forms of Anthony Abrahams, but his pieces are much lighter and are decidedly of the twentieth century. It is this combination of fecundity and agility that sets Abrahams's figures apart from those of his contemporaries.

Single goddesses, solo dancers, acrobats or gymnasts and pairs of figures in dynamic or quietly reflective mood are seen in Abrahams's repertoire. The sculptures are made initially in plaster on iron armatures and are cast into bronze by the lost wax process. This preserves exactly the textured surfaces that he creates is a variety of ways - through moulding, building, scratching and chiselling.


​Anthony Abrahams, ​Walking, 2000

Anthony Abrahams


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This sculpture depicts two walking figures striding in opposite directions, determined in their trajectory but suddenly …