Martin Griffiths

Martin Griffith was born in Oxford in 1955. He trained at Gloucestershire College of Art and Design from 1975-78.

Griffiths has had solo and group exhibitions in New York, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Germany. Notable exhibitions include the West Wales Art Centre and the Museum of Modern Art, Wales. His work is also in the public collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Wales. In 2000, he was awarded the W.C.W James OBE Memorial Trust Laudatory Award for lecturing in art.

Martin Griffiths' work is multifaceted and employs several different mediums. His most recent work is currently concerned with the experience of light. This has evolved from painted abstract representations of light towards the development of solar sculptures that use light as the principal medium. Recently, Griffiths said, "I have a pure intention to make sculptures that might channel the light of the sun into vessels which hold and release this light, the light of our universe”.


Martin Griffiths, Light, 2006

Martin Griffiths