Piotr Lakomy

Piotr Lakomy was born in 1983 in Poland. He studied at the Institute of Fine Arts, Zielona Góra University 2003 – 2008. Piotr currently lives and works in Poznań.

Piotr has had group and solo exhibitions at The Sunday Painter; Konrad Fischer Galerie, Carl Kostyal, London; SpazioA, Pistoa; BWA Zielona Góra, PL; Galeria Stereo, Warsaw; Mélange, Cologne; Views Art Prize, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw; NADA Miami Beach with The Sunday Painter; Galeria Stereo, Warsaw; LISTE art fair w/ Galleria Stereo, Basel; Raster Gallery, Warsaw; MOMA Warsaw, Warsaw; Farenheit, (curated by Martha Kirszenbaum), Los Angeles; Mon Chéri, Brussels; DUVE Berlin, Berlin; Rolando Anselmi, Berlin; Galerie Jean Rochdard, Paris; Galleria Stereo, Warsaw; Bold Tendencies 2013, London; Arsenał Gallery, Białystok; Cosmo’s Levels; Exile Gallery, Berlin; Middlemarch, Brussels; 10th Geppert Competition BWA Awangarda, Wrocław; Galeria GSN, Gorzów Wlkp; 3 in the morning (with Jakub Czyszczoń), BARTHOLOMEW (curated by JSBJ), 12Mail Gallery, Paris; Y3K Gallery, Melbourne (2011); TTC Gallery, Copenhagen; Reference Art Gallery, Richmond; Awangarda, Wrocław; BWA Zielona Góra. Lakomy has also organized projects and publications: T-HOOD (Temporary Hood) (2011); DUST SHOW, Copenhagen (2010) and DUST SNOW, Poznan (2010).

Piotr Lakomy’s practice incorporates the use of raw industrial materials. His application of base materials such as insulation, aluminium, light fittings allude to a visual austerity. Many works seem to plainly reference minimalism, yet when faced with these works the human labour is laid bare, the aluminium plates have been bent and folded into existence by hand. Lakomy’s work investigates degradation, transformation, and the active and inert. Reflecting on our connections with our surroundings, his sculptures might be described as ruined monuments to these conflicting relationships. Whilst they are seemingly devoid of a human presence, there remains a subtle anthropometric quality to his compositions; the dimensions frequently relate to the proportions of the body, and his use of elements such as light, heat and mirrored surfaces – made using automotive spray paint on aluminium sheets – allude to, or reflect, the figure. Frequently creating areas of negative space that rely on the participation of the viewer in inhabiting areas of the installation, Lakomy negotiates the varied complexities and simplicities of urban living with his thoughtful and often humorous works.


Piotr Lakomy


CASS Artworks by Piotr Lakomy