Rodney Bender

Rodney Bender was born in Australia in 1956. Bender trained in industry and studied at Swansea Metropolitan University. Bender lives and works in Wales.

In 2001 Rodney Bender founded Innovative Glass Products, (IGP Ltd.) and provides bespoke glass making and design services for a broad range of different contexts, including; interior design, architecture, public sculpture and limited edition artworks. Bender invented a new and advanced glass material 'KiloLux', which he patented and developed whilst at Swansea University. This innovative material has the structural integrity and load bearing capabilities of a brick, but a brick that transmits light. It has been used in the facade walls of the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, South Wales amongst many other architectural projects.

Rodney Bender is a fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters and the Royal Society of Arts.


Rodney Bender


CASS Artworks by Rodney Bender


The Return

Rodney Bender's work The Return plays with optical illusions and is suggestive of the journey of life. The pearlescent f…