Yana Naidenov

Yana Naidenov was born in Maputo, Mozambique in 1988 and graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2013.

Recent exhibitions include: Eye Scaffold, Josh Lilley, London; Artíssima, Josh Lilley, Turin, Tyrants & Sirens, with Sofia Stevi; curated by Nach Neben, 53 Beck Road, London (2015), Time to hit the road, Gerson Zevi/Leila Heller, New York , Artíssima, Josh Lilley, Turin, For(Matter), Atelier Concorde, Lisboa, At the Edge of Town, with Bryn Lloyd-Evans, Josh Lilley, London, Aspect, Kingsgate Gallery, London, The Armory Show, Josh Lilley, New York (2014), The London Project, Gerson Zevi/Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, Ex-ca-vate-site-one, Schwartz Gallery, London, Show 2013, degree show at Royal College of Art, London (2013), Jovens Criadores, Mercado Municipal, Cascais Middle Land, Departure Foundation, Birmingham, Appropriate Response, Vulpes Vulpes, London, Tentative Structures, with Bryn Lloyd-Evans, Effracute Gallery, London, Summer Show, Royal College of Art, London, Paradise, 4 Via Ventura, Milan (2012).

Yana Naidenov’s work is both heavy, formal and affirmative yet open, vulnerable and graceful. These contradictions are skilfully manifested through her choice and manipulation of hard materials chosen for their utilitarian and reliable reputation but rendered precarious through Naidenov’s adaptation. Yana Naidenov embraces compositional structures that champion negative space and thereby encourage viewers to look through her work rather than at it. Her works appear to be on the verge of collapse or equally in the process of formation. This ambivalent state of formation is disruptive and unsettling – exactly the type of affect Naidenov intends for. Inspired by ruined or abandoned architectural projects Naidenov’s work artfully reverses pre-conceived conceptions about hard industrial materials such as concrete, by exposing its vulnerability. Drawing on the aesthetic of crumbling modernist monuments devoted to out-dated, purist ideologies Naidenov’s new works are poetic testaments to fragility and the potential malleability of any material, constructed ideology or thinking.


Yana Naidenov, Eye Scaffold, 2016

Yana Naidenov


CASS Artworks by Yana Naidenov


Eye Scaffold

The sculpture Eye Scaffold was made for Yana Naidenov's first solo show at Josh Lilley Gallery in 2015. This sculpture c…