Zoe Paul

Zoë Paul was born in London in 1987 and grew up in England and Greece. Paul studied at Camberwell College of Art in 2009 and then at The Royal College of Art, graduating in 2012. Paul also studied in, Athens, Greece, which developed her awareness of classical Greek sculpture.

Zoë Paul has exhibited internationally, including the following locations: NAM Projects; Ricou Gallery; Oval Space; NUN, Berlin; Kingsgate Gallery; Cité international des Arts; MOT International; Royal College of Art; Cole; Haunch of Venison; 20 Hoxton Square Projects; Coleman Road Project space; James Taylor Gallery; Imperial Works; Sassoon Gallery.

Zoë Paul has long been interested in the history of classical sculpture and often addresses this in her work. By parodying works of art from bygone eras, particularly classical Greek sculptures and artefacts, Paul uses geometric abstraction and everyday material to create unexpected relationships which provoke questions of value and taste. Paul explores the character of domestic spaces, both in architectural and social terms and is most interested in the intersecting point when interior and exterior parameters become blurred. Her practice incorporates mixed media works, sculpture and prints that explore our perception of history, and the treatment and presentation of historical periods and objects, with a particular focus on classical Greek sculpture. She does this through her use of specific material, such as clay sourced from an Old Minoan settlement in Greece, in order to suggest an ancient history re-appropriated into modern existence. This particular clay is vital to the abstracted form and aesthetic of the sculptures. It is important to Paul that the works are manipulated by hand so that the material retains its innate properties and thereby communicate its inherent sculptural traditions and its relationship to nature. Through using a material that relates to a classical civilization the works reference pseudo-archeological objects, potentially eroded by the sea.


Zoe Paul


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In a reversal of process, Paul maps the space occupied by classical Greek sculpture. Transforming the resulting geometri…