Aluminium, Concrete, Paint, Grass

Breath is a new site-specific installation for Cass Sculpture Foundation. Bi Rongrong has punctured the earth’s surface using abstract, geometric shapes commonly found in her paintings and drawings. By lifting up these sheets of grass towards the sky and employing sunlight as an essential part of her composition, the work Breath suggests the use of the 17th century Chinese gardening principle of ‘borrowed scenery’, a principle that incorporated views beyond the garden itself. Here, Bi employs the third principle, yangjie (仰借) known as ‘upward borrowing’ in reference to its inclusion of views of the sky. Bi intends for these panels to draw the sunlight down and create new patterns and reflections on the ground. These interventions in the texture of the landscape provide both a glimpse into what lies beneath, but also encourage viewers to think about the way the work interacts with the sky above.


About The Artist

Bi Rongrong’s work most often takes the form of paintings, murals or installations. Drawing is always the starting point of her work and acts as a way of recording spaces and places. She considers her installations to be three-dimensional extrapolations of her drawings. As a child, she often saw the surrounding mountain landscape as a geometric abstraction, whilst in contrast to this she became fluent in creating highly detailed studies of the landscape during her MFA in Chinese Landscape Painting. Bi’s new spatial constructions are a combination of her early interest in the geometry and abstraction found in nature, and her classical training in landscape painting.

Bi Rongrong

Born: 1982

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