Broken Butterflies

Corten steel
241 x 223 x 152 cm
Edition of 1

Thomas Keisewetter’s Broken Butterflies (Version 1) is made up of a series of isolated steel shapes that combine to create a vibrant, abstract form. Kiesewetter begins his process by crafting each individual section of the sculpture out of paper, cardboard and tape, allowing the chance pliability of the material to engender the sculpture’s final profile. Describing the fabrication process as “like rolling a dice”, Broken Butterflies is partially an investigation into the agency of the artist, coincidence and chance. The use of corten steel – a material that weathers naturally, changing colour over time as layers of rust form on its surface – contributes to the sense in which Keisewetter exercises the limitations of his involvement.

For Keisewetter, an integral component to the work is the multiplicity of interpretations it offers the viewer. Broken Butterflies shifts and shimmers as different coherent forms rise up from certain angles, only to disappear as you continue to walk around the structure. The title contributes to the sense of disjointed beauty achieved by the mass of steel, which can be grasped fleetingly in a multitude of momentary forms.


About The Artist

Thomas Kiesewetter makes elegant abstract sculptures in which an industrial material, such as sheet metal, is playfully bent, folded and imbued with organic, almost human characteristics. Bolted together and painted in bold colours, his sculptures are reminiscent of modernist architectural shapes, as much as they make us conscious of the solidity of their single material. These angular works, unified by their material and their colour, look as if they have been frozen in action, caught mid-stride in their slightly neurotic articulation.

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Thomas Kiesewetter

Born: 1963