Dreamy Bathroom

Automotive grade paint, Aluminium, Bronze, Lacquer
170 x 350 x 170 cm
Edition of 3

Gary Webb’s whimsical, texturised tower of joyful abstraction is composed of a number of individually crafted components. The use of bronze, which lends Dreamy Bathroom a sense of sculptural gravitas, is pitched against the colourful, aesthetic playfulness of the shapes. Webb’s poetic assemblage of invented forms reference numerous objects; from Victorian fountains to decorative cushions and art historical movements. The reflective, brightly coloured surfaces allude to, or parody, the kitsch appropriations of Pop Art, whilst the forms themselves are a nod to the post-industrial rigours of Modernism. Ultimately, however, the work’s meaning is enigmatic which Webb intentionally strives to cultivate. It is Gary Webb's opinion that although people appear to hold similar experiences, it is a common occurrence to find perspectives that are in fact alarmingly dissimilar and perspectives vastly different. Like a spontaneous doodle or quick sketch Webb's works are consolidations of the artists unconscious, that result in playful sculptural forms that seek to evade one singular, reductive meaning.


About The Artist

Much of Gary Webb's work plays with strong, vibrant and often acidic colours and abstract ideas of form, shape and material. He uses a vast range of materials, such as chunky perspex, hand-carved wood, chromed surfaces and glossy synthetic. These forms are a composite of geometric and organic shapes that both reference and parody 1960's Modernist abstract sculpture to almost baroque sensibility. He deliberately references this historical trope in order to subvert and update it to reference contemporary materials, humour and ideology. His high gloss finish represents a balance between material and idea and is suggestive of chocolate bar wrappers; hinting at our uber-capitalist commodity-rich culture. Webb's installation work is fundamentally overwhelming, sensational and yet highly appealing. His compositions are completely new and totally defy definition. Through a combination of traditional craft methodologies and modern technologies Webb successfully creates work that evades categorisation and tends towards the inscrutable.

Gary Webb

Born: 1973

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