Aluminium tubing, Car paint, Gold finish glass, Silicone
140 x 98 x 3 cm
Edition of 3

Constructed from a base structure of welded aluminium, Gate's raw skeleton has been concealed by a decorative golden mosaic finish. This mosaic veil recalls Byzantine church mosaics, commonly composed of golden tiling and appreciated not only for their lavish appearance, but also for their ability to brighten the interiors of these large churches by reflecting sunlight and candlelight.

Spowers' Gate consider the division between function and decoration. Gates are freestanding, displayed in isolation rather than as part of a fence or a wall. Removed from an architectural element, Gate is not functional, challenging the viewer to reconsider their purpose. The golden mosaic finish has been employed, as it was in Orthodox Christian iconography and decoration, to reflect the sunlight, creating a shimmering gateway in the woodlands.


About The Artist

Antonia Spowers' recent work has focused on water, its structure, behaviour, altered states and multiple associations. She has also been interested in exploring themes of disconnection and displacement, which have developed ideas of continuity and connection and an interest in layers beneath the surface, determining a new direction for Spowers work. Her work has an emphasis on environment and sustainability. In the past she has created solar powered, self-circulating water sculptures and has employed recycled and re-usable materials in combination with new technologies.

Antonia Spowers

Born: 1934

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