Goodwood Goddess

220 x 100 x 225 cm
Edition of 5

In recent years Jon Buck has simplified his practice and left behind his earlier complex multiple forms. His new works are confident compositional expressions of fundamental subject-matter. Goodwood Goddess is a prime example of this way of working, and is closely related to Back to the Beginning (2000), another bird form with certain human attributes. Goodwood Goddess has grown from a family of iconic maquette's that Buck made when developing these new ideas. He was looking for simple, direct forms and found them in religious amulets of primitive cultures such as the Maya and Inca, and also the figurines of the Etruscan people. The reduction of form to simple line and volume gave his ideas direct expression, and he developed a series of imagined creatures and goddesses, some human, some bird-like, others based on animals - real and fantastical. The simplicity of these forms has allowed Buck to experiment with surface, and he has variously embossed, painted, gilded and engraved the figures with abstract and occasionally basic figurative motifs repeated across the body of the sculpture. In looking back to the beginning of civilisations, to a time when animal monuments were worshipped, Buck is also considering the human need for cultural icons. At the beginning of the twenty-first century we too have a need for such icons, but our subjects are diverse and many are unholy.


About The Artist

Human and animal form and the natural world lie at the heart of Jon Buck's art. He has always eschewed fashion, believing in his own vision, and linking the physical processes of modelling in clay and plaster and casting into bronze with the emotional and psychological content of his compositions. Over the past few years he has moved from complex, multiple forms towards more simplified, iconic images of humans, animals and birds with surfaces that are intricately textured with symbols: an imagined language of the gods.

Jon Buck

Born: 1951

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