Locals Vocals

Painted bronze

Locals Vocals mirrors the timeline of Battersea Power Station alongside the historical development of sculpture during the same period. By re-interpreting a key work by the famous artist Henry Moore, who studied nearby and presented work in Battersea Park, Wine directly references the local history of sculpture. Cups of tea, a sandwich and flat cap adorn this reclining figure in order to suggest a group of workers has just paused for a tea break on this iconic sculpture. In bright pop orange Locals Vocals is both a modernisation of historical sculpture and a symbolic representation of the different social circles which have come together at the Power Station over the course of its history.


About The Artist

Jesse Wine has been working with and appropriating ceramics into his expanded sculptural practice since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2010. Wine has a strong engagement with the process of making, creating works in a rich variety of styles and finishes, ranging from natural earthy glazes to glossy bold primary colours. Making use of traditional glazing and firing techniques he often depicts icons of contemporary life such as Sports Direct mugs, adidas flip-flop sliders and disparate items of clothing. Jesse's semi-autobiographical works skillfully appropriate historical high-culture with archetypes of low culture in order to create hybridised humorous works that pose questions about taste and cultural exclusivity. More recently he has begun to further abstract these tropes, creating larger more organic forms.

Jesse Wine

Born: 1983

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