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Zhang Ruyi’s works are probably the smallest sculptures that Cass Sculpture Foundation has ever commissioned. Zhang’s greatest challenge at CASS was to create work in the landscape. She decided to invert her usual approach by using small objects to produce a work that intervenes into this boundless space. Zhang cast a range of different electrical sockets using industrial cement, which she has then installed throughout the park on tree trucks, in fields and in the office. These dysfunctional sockets are titled Pause, representing the artist’s quiet resistance to the rapid developments of technology in our society.​


About The Artist

Zhang Ruyi’s work mainly explores the relationship between the individual, inhabited spaces, and external environs. She relies on the minutiae of the senses to excavate the objects and natural elements in life that have been 'industrialised'. She represents these perceptions via creative practices involving mixed media in the forms of painting and installation. Her work recovers individualistic modes of existence through an extremely personal perspective that consciously operates within the mainly industrial mechanism of social ecology. The artist’s creative practice converts the individual experience by kneading, tampering with, compressing, and piecing together to produce a visual representation of rational control.

‘Pause’ is currently on display

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Zhang Ruyi

Born: 1985

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Zhang Ruyi