Scrap Faces


Olaf Breuning will turn the Main Gallery of Cass Sculpture Foundation into a temporary carpenter’s studio. Working with a mountain of discarded, salvaged and recycled wood from the local area in West Sussex, Breuning will create a series of large Scrap Faces, made specifically for CASS. With typical spontaneous rigour, Breuning will work onsite over the Easter weekend to construct his free-standing Scrap Faces, encouraging surreal characters to appear in the makeshift wooden patchwork compositions.

Visitors will gain a unique insight into the artist’s practice – observing how ideas are created, refined or abandoned in the pursuit of bringing physicality to otherwise intangible ideas. Traversing a fine line between absurdist humour and sincerity, Scrap Faces will be on view at CASS from 30th March until 2nd September. Visitors will be invited to walk around Breuning’s new installation of towering faces, which are at once ridiculous and primitively sublime.


About The Artist

Olaf Breuning’s diverse body of work is united by his distinctive sense of humour. His drawings, photographs, videos, and sculptures utilise a deliberately simple visual vocabulary to address a variety of human concerns. Combining this colourful and deceptively wide-eyed visual style with cultural symbols and archetypes, Breuning’s work comments on many of the most poignant and urgent facets of human experience. Humour and innocence work to disarm everyday distractions that obscure profoundexistential concerns, as well as mundane truths. Yet Breuning’s work is never a reduction or simplification. Rather, his work crystalises particular themes and situations, allowing viewers to reflect on both the diversity of human experience and the commonalities we all share.

Olaf Breuning

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