Spirit of Life

Carrera marble
390 x 170 x 170 cm
Edition of 1

The soft folds of Spirit of Life belie the solidity of the marble from which it is carved, creating a light and flowing texture across its smooth lines. Stretching and curling upwards, Spirit of Life gives the impression of growth and development. It's abstracted form resists figurative interpretation, which echoes Blumenfeld's preference to create sculptures that extend beyond literal interpretation, but which instead encourage viewers to discover multiple levels of meaning. For Blumenfeld this sculpture is about the healing power of beauty, hope, creation and, above all the spirit of life.


About The Artist

Blumenfeld pioneered new methods of carving in stone and is known for her semi-abstract marble, granite and bronze sculptures. Her forms are often abstractions of human forms and of elements in nature. As a sculptor working in Britain she descends directly from the traditions in stone and wood carved out by sculptural pioneers such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth; evolving this way of working into further abstraction.

Blumenfeld’s work is an investigation into the emotional life of the individual. Her work is characterised by her ability to turn solid, complex units into light and delicate forms. Working with onyx and marble, Blumenfeld’s technical virtuosity means that she consistently brings light into her work as a fourth dimension, a visual metaphor for transparency, which the artist regards as the essence of relationships.

Helaine Blumenfeld

Born: 1942