Star and Cloud

14.5 (Star);15 (Cloud) cm x 15cm x 0 cm
Edition of 5

About The Artist

The scale of Bruce Gernand's sculptures relate to the human body as a form that you can measure yourself against or encircle with your arms. There is a preoccupation with juxtapositions within Gernand's work; with surface and inner shape, with organic and technological references, with setting up propositions within the work and dismantling them. Gernand exploits the characteristics of the materials and processes he uses, to the extent that these become the subject(s) of his sculptures. Since 1998 Gernand has been involved with 3D computer modelling and much of his work expresses the relationship of the digital/virtual and its embodiment in sculpture. Paradoxically, the use of digital technology has opened up the work to narrative structure and figuration.

Bruce Gernand

Born: 1949

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Star and Cloud

In this sculpture Star and Cloud; both of the heavens, both formed by gasses and moisture yet visually different, are br…

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