The Return

Glass, Steel
400 x 100 x 100 cm
Edition of 7

Rodney Bender's work The Return plays with optical illusions and is suggestive of the journey of life. The pearlescent flat panes of the kilolux which adorn one side of this sculpture reflect a distorted and multicoloured image of the natural surroundings, when light is seemingly reflected and then returned at a 90 degrees angle. This has the effect of casting images of trees in rippled and dream-like shadows. This work is both calming and heroic, suggestive of potential and hope.


About The Artist

In addition to art Rodney Bender is also the founder of Innovative Glass Products. His works are hybrid realisations of design, architecture, art and sculpture. Bender spends the majority of his time running his company which offers and supplies innovative glass solutions to architectural firms and offices nationwide.

‘The Return’ is currently on display

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Visiting Information

Rodney Bender

Born: 1956

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