Gypsum, Polyesterharz
90 x 90 x 170 cm
Edition of 4

Timeguards is the first in a series of works based upon the theme of the "time guardian." In later works Kielnhofer has rendered these pieces in bright and cheerful colours contradictory to their sombre forms creating an unexpected juxtaposition. The series on display at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, however, is part of his original treatment of this imagery using forms and colours intended to evoke a mystical feeling. These forms are meant to resemble ancient creatures from another realm who in ancient civilisations could have been credited with disappearances, damnations and behavioural changes. The eerie nature of these figures is a result of their vacant interiors; they are at once human and other, both sympathetic and disconcerting.


About The Artist

Kielnhofer's work is predominantly concerned with the human figure, and its various forms and movements. The figure is an integral part of his work, and he often uses the human form as a tool, either in place of a canvas, or in a collaboration to produce large-scale installations or performances. Kielnhofer's most famous work is Guardians of Time. Drawing on religious and supernatural phenomena, the Guardians of Time are stone statues that are cloaked in hooded robes and situated to seem like they are moving forth in some kind of ritual. In some cases the figures stand alone; in other instances, they are grouped together as if whispering to each other. Kielnhofer places his statues in public places like ancient castles, old mines, plazas, and parks. They are installed and moved without fanfare, heightening the eerie, mystic aura they give off.

Manfred Kielnhofer

Born: 1967