Cast concrete
120 x 980 x 40 cm
Edition of 1

Untitled is made from two parallel stone segments. Each stone mirrors the other, separated by a chiasmic void—a Grand Canyon in miniature. This sculpture crosses the line between the aesthetic and the utilitarian, as it is a sculpture in its own right, but also provides a usable seat. Both stone sections have smooth slate–coloured surfaces, which are in stark contrast to their rough, craggy profiles, hewn to display the rhythmic strata running through the rock. This duality of textures and revelation of hidden elements of the rock, typifies Kovats’s almost scientific preoccupation with geology, timelines and the narratives present in nature.


About The Artist

Kovats’ work has focused on drawing and mapping landscapes as well as describing or using geological processes in the making of both sculpture and drawings. Her sculptures often address one’s experience and understanding of landscape, particularly dramatic rock and stone structures where the formative history of an area can be seen. Much of Kovats’s research has focused on geology to further understand how landscapes are formed, exclusive of humanity’s effects upon them. Kovats became interested in investigating rock formations worldwide that follow simple mathematical formulae. She has also commenced an investigative body of work mapping imaginary and existing islands, with the intention of eventually creating her own ‘floating’ atlas. Through her research, Kovats has developed an interest in geological forces and how they affect landscape and the built environment. Seismographs and seismograms, visual records of the earth’s movements, have become central to Kovats's practice. Tania Kovats was awarded the Henry Moore Drawing Fellowship, UWE, Bristol in 2004–05 and was Visiting Fellow at the School of Archaeology, Oxford University 2006. Her Tree was selected from nine other short–listed artists in the Darwin’s Canopy project at the Natural History Museum and was commissioned to celebrate Darwin’s bicentenary in 2009.

‘Untitled’ is currently on display

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Visiting Information

Tania Kovats

Born: 1966

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