Lu Pingyuan at the Liverpool Biennial, 2016

Published on Jul 21st, 2016

CASS has received exclusive access to one of Lu Pingyuan's new stories 'The Artist Made of Paper'; commissioned by CFCCA and Liverpool Biennial, 2016

Lu Pingyuan, The Artist Made of Paper, Liverpool Biennial, 2016

Lu Pingyuan, The Artist Made of Paper, Origami instructions for Liverpool Biennial, 2016
Lu Pingyuan, The Artist Made of Paper, 2016. Installation at Cains Brewery for Liverpool Biennial 2016. Photo Mark McNulty.

The Artist Made of Paper by Lu Pingyuan at Liverpool Biennial, 2016 

A Beautiful Disorder artist Lu Pingyuan writes curious, mythical and often frightening stories constructed from real and fictional personal occurrences. Commissioned by CFCCA and Liverpool Biennial Lu wrote a series of stories, which now canvas the city of Liverpool in different locations, such as the exterior wall of the Epic Hotel and the inside the Cairns Brewery. 

The Artist Made of Paper tells the tale of little Kiki, whose origami figure comes to life as a vexed and lonely artist ostracised in his house made of crunchy, crisp paper. As part of this commission visitors to the Cairns Brewery are invited to sit and make this artist origami figure with the story printed on powder pink paper. 

We are thrilled to have our very own Lu Pingyuan ghost story, based on the grounds of CASS, which is now on display as part of exhibition A Beautiful Disorder. This is what Lu had to say about his experience of his commission at Cass Sculpture Foundation:

"When I visited CASS, I was very intrigued by the way artworks are situated in a park. Some works seem to become part of the surroundings. Inspired by this, I created the story of the “ghost trap,” to engage the readers in another dimension of story reading."
(Lu Pingyuan, 2016)

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Lu Pingyuan, Ghost Trap, Cass Sculpture Foundation, 2016
Lu Pingyuan, Ghost Trap, Cass Sculpture Foundation, 2016

About the Liverpool Biennial

Over 14 weeks this summer, Liverpool Biennial 2016 – the largest festival of visual contemporary art in the UK – takes over the city’s outdoor and indoor spaces.

Free exhibitions, performances and commissions by leading international artists are presented throughout the city. Among the locations for Liverpool Biennial 2016 are the historic Cains Brewery on Stanhope Street; the Grade II listed former ABC Cinema; the Oratory in the grounds of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral; streets, pubs, restaurants, and supermarkets; as well as the city’s largest galleries and museums, including Tate Liverpool, FACT, Open Eye Gallery and Bluecoat.

Liverpool Biennial 2016 unfolds across the city as a story told in several episodes: fictional worlds, which draw inspiration from Liverpool’s past, present and future. Highlights include: Japanese artist Koki Tanaka’s restaging of the 1985 School Students’ Strike in which 10,000 children took part; a new film by Merseyside-born artist Mark Leckey, inspired by events in his life from the 1970s to 1990s; Marvin Gaye Chetwynd’s new production entirely cast, produced and directed with young people from Liverpool; a large-scale bronze fountain by American artist Betty Woodman; and three double-deckers from Liverpool’s fleet of Arriva buses transformed by artists.

Also showing during Liverpool Biennial 2016 are the John Moores Painting Prize, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, and the Biennial Fringe.

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