External Exhibition

Beyond Limits

Chatsworth, Derbyshire

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This selling exhibition at Chatsworth House is renowned for its reputation in exhibiting modern and contemporary outdoor works by international artists. Curated by Sotheby’s specialists Alexander Platon and Simon Stock, 2013's exhibition featured a number of works from the Cass Sculpture Foundation including Tony Cragg's Current Version, Declination and Tongue in Cheek, Thomas Heatherwick's Pavilion and Bill Woodrow's Sitting on History.


Featured artists

Tony Cragg

Thomas Heatherwick

Bill Woodrow

CASS Artworks featured in this Exhibition



Declination is one of the works from Tony Cragg's Early Forms series that is elevated from the ground. The sculpture has…


Tongue In Cheek

To be ‘tongue in cheek’ is to be glib, humorous and light–hearted. This sense of lightness is suggested by the perforati…



A twentieth century folly, Pavilion is sculptural in form and boasts modern, industrial materials which are tested in in…


Sitting on History

Sitting on History was proposed in response to a commission first discussed in 1990 and to Woodrow’s Tate Gallery exhibi…

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