External Exhibition

CASS Projects: Florence Peake's 'RITE'


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In May 2017, Peake will be resident at West Dean College for three weeks, making use of the incredible studio facilities, resources and technical expertise available at both the college and at CASS to create a new body of ceramic work inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s musical score The Rite of Spring.

With the assistance of dancer Rosemary Lee, Florence Peake has choreographed a routine to be performed on a stage of raw clay. Through grabbing, pushing and pulling the clay, Rosemary will form violent eruptions on the surface to echo the dramatic score of The Rite of Spring. As a result, the surface of the clay will become an abstract documentation of this performance and a sculptural interpretation of Stravinsky’s composition. The clay stage will subsequently be divided into tiles to be fired in the wood-fired kiln at CASS.

The residency will culminate in an exhibition co-curated by Tayah Leigh Barrs and Helen Turner in November.


STUDIO_LEIGH is a London-based gallery supporting artists through commissions that consider a relationship between art and functionality. Developed by Tayah Leigh Barrs, STUDIO_LEIGH has been running for two years and supported artists such as Matt Ager, Gabriel Hartley, Mark Essen, George Henry Longly and Nicholas Hatfull