Tu Wei-Cheng, Bu Num Civilisation Wheel Workshop

Grounds, Cass Sculpture Foundation

Free with general entry

The workshop will be led by Tu Wei-Cheng, a contemporary Taiwanese artist, who will be featuring in our 2016 exhibition, A Beautiful Disorder.

​Participants are invited to take part in making molds, which will later be cast into bronze. These casts will form a component of Tu Wei-Cheng’s final work, and exhibited in the grounds of Cass Sculpture Foundation as part of the A Beautiful Disorder exhibition. The sculpture will be made of a collection objects formed together to resemble an archeological discovery. Throughout its time at CASS, the piece will slowly be excavated, and the objects that you bring will be immortalised in the work.


​Tu Wei-Cheng leading the workshop at CASS in 2015

Featured artist

Tu Wei-Cheng

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